Steve Gerrard Photography: Libby & Derek

Thrilled to be sharing this fab wedding by Montreal Wedding Photographer Steve Gerrard Photography today!

“What do you get when actors, singers and plenty of theatrical types come together for a massive celebration in a beautiful location? Well, you could get one of the best weddings we’ve ever had the pleasure of documenting.

Libby & Derek were married at the stunning St Donat’s Castle near Cardiff and everything about their day was perfection. The sun shone, the vibe was relaxed and fun, the guests were so welcoming, there was a flashmob in the church, the speeches had the toughest of men claiming they had something in their eye, the band was rocking’ and Libby & Derek made my job an absolute pleasure.

The couple’s attention to detail meant there were some beautiful details and the vintage balloon theme is one of my favourites from any wedding so far.

Interestingly, Libby has now gone on to start her own photography business. Derek can be found treading the boards in London in War Horse.

I usually shoot with a second photographer but this one I shot solo.”Steve Gerrard Photography

I love the creativity and vibrancy of Steve’s images, just awesome. You can check out more of his work on his website, Facebook and Twitter.

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All images copyright Steve Gerrard Photography

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