Natural Touch Photography: Helen and Connor

Really thrilled to be bringing you a wedding by one of my favourite photographers, Steven Rooney of Natural Touch Photography. I just love Steven’s dynamic and totally creative coverage; love this set!

“Helen and Connor wanted their wedding to be an intimate family occasion which is exactly how if turned out. Their two children took centre stage, acting as bridesmaid and best man. Their ethos was as mine, that a wedding is the celebration of the marriage of two people and the the details come second. The most important thing was that their friends and family were there to celebrate with them. The reception was held at the luxurious Mere Brook House, Wirral which really complimented the feel of the day. The guests had to go to the kitchen to get their food and sat around 2 huge tables to eat. Held just a week before Christmas the occasion was really heart warming, festive and fun.” – Steven Rooney, Natural Touch Photography

You can see more of Steven’s work on his website, Facebook and Twitter.

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