Love That Smile Photography: Alexandra & Sascha

Excited to be sharing this beautifully shot wedding by the very lovely Magdalena Mahdy of Love That Smile Photography today!

I just love the way Magdalena’s captured so many moments, with such artistic flair – stunning photography.

“Alexandra and Sascha, two very dear people, got married on the Laubenheimer Hoehe near their hometown Wiesbaden, Germany.  The venue was surrounded by beautiful vineyards and a stunning view all the way to Frankfurt. It was a gorgeous day and the sun was out high in the sky all day long. Which was rather surprising as the days before and after the wedding were drowning in rain and were generally very dull and grey. Well, what can I say, this marriage is just meant to be. And of that I’m very certain. Alex and Sascha have met back at university and put their relationship to the test over the years. Their busy work schedules have forced them to live apart in different cities and sometimes even different countries for long period at a time again and again. Nevertheless, despite these geographic difficulties, they have managed to keep their love alive and bubbly as on day one. Being a part on the day they said “yes” to each other was a true honour for me and I felt very blessed myself. Thanks again and I raise my glass to the happy couple. Lots of love, Magdalena.”

You can see more of Magdalena’s work on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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All images by Love That Smile Photography

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