Image of the Day: Rob Dodsworth Photography


Today’s image of the day is this fab capture by Norfolk Wedding Photographer, Rob Dodsworth Photography. Love it!

“A relatively simple frame from a mid-Summer wedding that I had the pleasure of photographing last year. But in it’s simplicity, a moment captured that I and I hope many other people can relate to, the nervous wait, just seconds before your brides arrival at your side. So many things rushing through your mind but above all else that nervous excitement about what the future and married life will hold. I got married a few years ago and I can still remember this feeling vividly. This picture, for me at least, is not so much about the nerves but about everything this couple have to look forward to from this moment on.” – Rob Dodsworth

Check out more of Rob’s work on his website, Facebook and Twitter.

Steve Gerrard Photography: Libby & Derek

Thrilled to be sharing this fab wedding by Montreal Wedding Photographer Steve Gerrard Photography today!

“What do you get when actors, singers and plenty of theatrical types come together for a massive celebration in a beautiful location? Well, you could get one of the best weddings we’ve ever had the pleasure of documenting.

Libby & Derek were married at the stunning St Donat’s Castle near Cardiff and everything about their day was perfection. The sun shone, the vibe was relaxed and fun, the guests were so welcoming, there was a flashmob in the church, the speeches had the toughest of men claiming they had something in their eye, the band was rocking’ and Libby & Derek made my job an absolute pleasure.

The couple’s attention to detail meant there were some beautiful details and the vintage balloon theme is one of my favourites from any wedding so far.

Interestingly, Libby has now gone on to start her own photography business. Derek can be found treading the boards in London in War Horse.

I usually shoot with a second photographer but this one I shot solo.”Steve Gerrard Photography

I love the creativity and vibrancy of Steve’s images, just awesome. You can check out more of his work on his website, Facebook and Twitter.

LD-106-ASE LD-107-ASE LD-110-ASE LD-118-ASE LD-119-ASE LD-124-ASE LD-125-ASE LD-130-ASE LD-133-ASE LD-140-ASE LD-141-ASE LD-154-ASE LD-163-ASE LD-170-ASE LD-174-ASE LD-184-ASE LD-194-ASE LD-205-ASE LD-220-ASE LD-221-ASE LD-235-ASE LD-238-ASE LD-242-ASE LD-253-ASE LD-255-ASE LD-260-ASE LD-268-ASE LD-276-ASE LD-278-ASE LD-284-ASE LD-288-ASE LD-297-ASE LD-305-ASE LD-316-ASE LD-321-ASE LD-322-ASE LD-327-ASE LD-340-ASE LD-347-ASE LD-351-ASE LD-355-ASE LD-361-ASE LD-370-ASE LD-381-ASE LD-392-ASE LD-397-ASE LD-408-ASE LD-419-ASE LD-426-ASE LD-429-ASE LD-430-ASE LD-431-ASE LD-432-ASE LD-449-ASE LD-450-ASE LD-457-ASE LD-463-ASE LD-472-ASE LD-476-ASE LD-489-ASE LD-514-ASE LD-520-ASE LD-534-ASE LD-552-ASE LD-554-ASE LD-558-ASE LD-561-ASE LD-580-ASE LD-591-ASE LD-601-ASE LD-603-ASE LD-615-ASE LD-624-ASE LD-626-ASE LD-638-ASE LD-643-ASE LD-644-ASE LD-656-ASE LD-668-ASE LD-675-ASE LD-677-ASE LD-681-ASE LD-684-ASE LD-689-ASE LD-697-ASE LD-707 LD-710-ASE LD-717-ASE LD-739-ASE LD-740-ASE LD-741-ASE LD-751-ASE LD-755-ASE LD-760-ASE LD-766-ASE LD-773-ASE LD-786-ASE LD-795 LD-804-ASE LD-807-ASE LD-814-ASE LD-822-ASE LD-825-ASE LD-837-ASE LD-844-ASE LD-852-ASE LD-854-ASE LD-863-ASE LD-864-ASE LD-868-ASE LD-873-ASE LD-892-ASE LD-900-ASE LD-902-ASE LD-903-ASE Steve_Gerrard_ColorLogo_16x9a

All images copyright Steve Gerrard Photography

Image Of The Day: James Gifford-Mead


A real double-take moment for our featured image today, from the great James Gifford-Mead.

“This is one my favourite frames from a Tooting wedding that I photographed in July. Normally I don’t get the chance to photograph the groom getting ready in the morning so when i heard that Tom’s bride to be Candice was only getting ready five minutes away, I thought I had to pop in briefly to see Tom in the morning. He was getting ready with his twin brother before all Tom’s ushers joined them. With the two brothers being twins the resemblance between the two was uncanny which made it a little bit tricky to guess who was the groom!” – James Gifford-Mead

View more of James’ work on his website, and Twitter.

Love That Smile Photography: Alexandra & Sascha

Excited to be sharing this beautifully shot wedding by the very lovely Magdalena Mahdy of Love That Smile Photography today!

I just love the way Magdalena’s captured so many moments, with such artistic flair – stunning photography.

“Alexandra and Sascha, two very dear people, got married on the Laubenheimer Hoehe near their hometown Wiesbaden, Germany.  The venue was surrounded by beautiful vineyards and a stunning view all the way to Frankfurt. It was a gorgeous day and the sun was out high in the sky all day long. Which was rather surprising as the days before and after the wedding were drowning in rain and were generally very dull and grey. Well, what can I say, this marriage is just meant to be. And of that I’m very certain. Alex and Sascha have met back at university and put their relationship to the test over the years. Their busy work schedules have forced them to live apart in different cities and sometimes even different countries for long period at a time again and again. Nevertheless, despite these geographic difficulties, they have managed to keep their love alive and bubbly as on day one. Being a part on the day they said “yes” to each other was a true honour for me and I felt very blessed myself. Thanks again and I raise my glass to the happy couple. Lots of love, Magdalena.”

You can see more of Magdalena’s work on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Love-That-Smile-Photography-01 Love-That-Smile-Photography-02 Love-That-Smile-Photography-03 Love-That-Smile-Photography-04 Love-That-Smile-Photography-05 Love-That-Smile-Photography-06 Love-That-Smile-Photography-07 Love-That-Smile-Photography-08 Love-That-Smile-Photography-09 Love-That-Smile-Photography-10 Love-That-Smile-Photography-11 Love-That-Smile-Photography-12 Love-That-Smile-Photography-13 Love-That-Smile-Photography-14 Love-That-Smile-Photography-15 Love-That-Smile-Photography-16 Love-That-Smile-Photography-17 Love-That-Smile-Photography-18 Love-That-Smile-Photography-19 Love-That-Smile-Photography-20 Love-That-Smile-Photography-21 Love-That-Smile-Photography-22 Love-That-Smile-Photography-23 Love-That-Smile-Photography-24 Love-That-Smile-Photography-25 Love-That-Smile-Photography-26 Love-That-Smile-Photography-27 Love-That-Smile-Photography-28 Love-That-Smile-Photography-29 Love-That-Smile-Photography-30 Love-That-Smile-Photography-31 Love-That-Smile-Photography-32 Love-That-Smile-Photography-33 Love-That-Smile-Photography-34 Love-That-Smile-Photography-35 Love-That-Smile-Photography-36 Love-That-Smile-Photography-37 Love-That-Smile-Photography-38 Love-That-Smile-Photography-39 Love-That-Smile-Photography-40 Love-That-Smile-Photography-41 Love-That-Smile-Photography-42 Love-That-Smile-Photography-43 Love-That-Smile-Photography-44 Love-That-Smile-Photography-45 Love-That-Smile-Photography-46 Love-That-Smile-Photography-47 Love-That-Smile-Photography-48 Love-That-Smile-Photography-49 Love-That-Smile-Photography-50 Love-That-Smile-Photography-51 Love-That-Smile-Photography-52 Love-That-Smile-Photography-53 Love-That-Smile-Photography-54 Love-That-Smile-Photography-55 Love-That-Smile-Photography-56 Love-That-Smile-Photography-57 Love-That-Smile-Photography-58 Love-That-Smile-Photography-59 Love-That-Smile-Photography-60

All images by Love That Smile Photography

Natural Touch Photography: Helen and Connor

Really thrilled to be bringing you a wedding by one of my favourite photographers, Steven Rooney of Natural Touch Photography. I just love Steven’s dynamic and totally creative coverage; love this set!

“Helen and Connor wanted their wedding to be an intimate family occasion which is exactly how if turned out. Their two children took centre stage, acting as bridesmaid and best man. Their ethos was as mine, that a wedding is the celebration of the marriage of two people and the the details come second. The most important thing was that their friends and family were there to celebrate with them. The reception was held at the luxurious Mere Brook House, Wirral which really complimented the feel of the day. The guests had to go to the kitchen to get their food and sat around 2 huge tables to eat. Held just a week before Christmas the occasion was really heart warming, festive and fun.” – Steven Rooney, Natural Touch Photography

You can see more of Steven’s work on his website, Facebook and Twitter.

001-Helen-and-Connor 002-Helen-and-Connor 003-Helen-and-Connor 004-Helen-and-Connor 005-Helen-and-Connor 006-Helen-and-Connor 007-Helen-and-Connor 008-Helen-and-Connor 009-Helen-and-Connor 010-Helen-and-Connor 011-Helen-and-Connor 012-Helen-and-Connor 013-Helen-and-Connor 014-Helen-and-Connor 015-Helen-and-Connor 016-Helen-and-Connor 017-Helen-and-Connor 018-Helen-and-Connor 019-Helen-and-Connor 020-Helen-and-Connor 021-Helen-and-Connor 022-Helen-and-Connor 023-Helen-and-Connor 024-Helen-and-Connor 025-Helen-and-Connor 026-Helen-and-Connor 027-Helen-and-Connor 028-Helen-and-Connor 029-Helen-and-Connor 030-Helen-and-Connor 031-Helen-and-Connor 032-Helen-and-Connor 033-Helen-and-Connor 034-Helen-and-Connor 035-Helen-and-Connor 036-Helen-and-Connor 037-Helen-and-Connor 038-Helen-and-Connor 039-Helen-and-Connor 040-Helen-and-Connor 041-Helen-and-Connor 042-Helen-and-Connor 043-Helen-and-Connor 044-Helen-and-Connor 045-Helen-and-Connor 046-Helen-and-Connor 047-Helen-and-Connor 048-Helen-and-Connor 049-Helen-and-Connor 050-Helen-and-Connor 051-Helen-and-Connor 052-Helen-and-Connor 053-Helen-and-Connor 054-Helen-and-Connor 055-Helen-and-Connor 056-Helen-and-Connor 057-Helen-and-Connor 058-Helen-and-Connor 059-Helen-and-Connor 060-Helen-and-Connor 061-Helen-and-Connor 062-Helen-and-Connor 063-Helen-and-Connor 064-Helen-and-Connor 065-Helen-and-Connor 066-Helen-and-Connor 067-Helen-and-Connor

All images by Natural Touch Photography

Lawson Photography: Cristina & Esteban

So thrilled to be sharing this truly epic wedding by the awesome Lawson Photography with you today: So many moments captured, so many laughs, so much fantastic wedding imagery! Definitely one of my personal favourites, absolutely love Pete and Laura Lawsons’ work.

“Cristina and Esteban got married in their home town of Madrid on a beautiful (hot!) day in September.  Their wedding was full of happiness, emotion, laughter and family; all of our favourite things.  They welcomed us like friends, it really was a dream to photograph.” – Lawson Photography

You can check out more of their fab photography – and I urge you to do so! – on their website, Pete’s Twitter, Laura’s Twitter, or over on that Facebook site.

Cristina_Esteban0001 Cristina_Esteban0002 Cristina_Esteban0003 Cristina_Esteban0004 Cristina_Esteban0005 Cristina_Esteban0006 Cristina_Esteban0007 Cristina_Esteban0008 Cristina_Esteban0009 Cristina_Esteban0010 Cristina_Esteban0011 Cristina_Esteban0012 Cristina_Esteban0013 Cristina_Esteban0014 Cristina_Esteban0015 Cristina_Esteban0016 Cristina_Esteban0017 Cristina_Esteban0018 Cristina_Esteban0019 Cristina_Esteban0020 Cristina_Esteban0021 Cristina_Esteban0022 Cristina_Esteban0023 Cristina_Esteban0024 Cristina_Esteban0025 Cristina_Esteban0026 Cristina_Esteban0027 Cristina_Esteban0028 Cristina_Esteban0029 Cristina_Esteban0030 Cristina_Esteban0031 Cristina_Esteban0032 Cristina_Esteban0033 Cristina_Esteban0034 Cristina_Esteban0035 Cristina_Esteban0036 Cristina_Esteban0037 Cristina_Esteban0041 Cristina_Esteban0042 Cristina_Esteban0043 Cristina_Esteban0044 Cristina_Esteban0045 Cristina_Esteban0046 Cristina_Esteban0047 Cristina_Esteban0048 Cristina_Esteban0049 Cristina_Esteban0050 Cristina_Esteban0051 Cristina_Esteban0052 Cristina_Esteban0053 Cristina_Esteban0054 Cristina_Esteban0055 Cristina_Esteban0056 Cristina_Esteban0057 Cristina_Esteban0058 Cristina_Esteban0059 Cristina_Esteban0060 Cristina_Esteban0061 Cristina_Esteban0062 Cristina_Esteban0063 Cristina_Esteban0064 Cristina_Esteban0065 Cristina_Esteban0066 Cristina_Esteban0067 Cristina_Esteban0068 Cristina_Esteban0069 Cristina_Esteban0070 Cristina_Esteban0071 Cristina_Esteban0072 Cristina_Esteban0073 Cristina_Esteban0074 Cristina_Esteban0075 Cristina_Esteban0076 Cristina_Esteban0077 Cristina_Esteban0078 Cristina_Esteban0079 Cristina_Esteban0080 Cristina_Esteban0081 Cristina_Esteban0082 Cristina_Esteban0083 Cristina_Esteban0084 Cristina_Esteban0085 Cristina_Esteban0086 Cristina_Esteban0087 Cristina_Esteban0088 Cristina_Esteban0089 Cristina_Esteban0090 Cristina_Esteban0091 Cristina_Esteban0092 Cristina_Esteban0093 Cristina_Esteban0094 Cristina_Esteban0095 Cristina_Esteban0096 Cristina_Esteban0097 Cristina_Esteban0098 Cristina_Esteban0099 Cristina_Esteban0100 Cristina_Esteban0101 Cristina_Esteban0102 Cristina_Esteban0103 Cristina_Esteban0104 Cristina_Esteban0105 Cristina_Esteban0106 Cristina_Esteban0107 Cristina_Esteban0108 Cristina_Esteban0109 Cristina_Esteban0110 Cristina_Esteban0111 Cristina_Esteban0112 Cristina_Esteban0113 Cristina_Esteban0114 Cristina_Esteban0115 Cristina_Esteban0116 Cristina_Esteban0117 Cristina_Esteban0118 Cristina_Esteban0119 Cristina_Esteban0120 Cristina_Esteban0121 Cristina_Esteban0122 Cristina_Esteban0123 Cristina_Esteban0124 Cristina_Esteban0125 Cristina_Esteban0126 Cristina_Esteban0127 Cristina_Esteban0128 Cristina_Esteban0129 Cristina_Esteban0130 Cristina_Esteban0131 Cristina_Esteban0132 Cristina_Esteban0133 Cristina_Esteban0134 Cristina_Esteban0135 Cristina_Esteban0136 Cristina_Esteban0137 Cristina_Esteban0138 Cristina_Esteban0139 Cristina_Esteban0140 Cristina_Esteban0141 Cristina_Esteban0142 Cristina_Esteban0143 Cristina_Esteban0144 Cristina_Esteban0145 Cristina_Esteban0146 Cristina_Esteban0147 Cristina_Esteban0148 Cristina_Esteban0149 Cristina_Esteban0150 Cristina_Esteban0151 Cristina_Esteban0152 Cristina_Esteban0156 Cristina_Esteban0158 Cristina_Esteban0159 Cristina_Esteban0161 Cristina_Esteban0162 Cristina_Esteban0163 Cristina_Esteban0164 Cristina_Esteban0165 Cristina_Esteban0166 Cristina_Esteban0167 Cristina_Esteban0168 Cristina_Esteban0169 Cristina_Esteban0170 Cristina_Esteban0171 Cristina_Esteban0172 Cristina_Esteban0173 Cristina_Esteban0174 Cristina_Esteban0175 Cristina_Esteban0176 Cristina_Esteban0177 Cristina_Esteban0178 Cristina_Esteban0179 Cristina_Esteban0180 Cristina_Esteban0181 Cristina_Esteban0182 Cristina_Esteban0183 Cristina_Esteban0184 Cristina_Esteban0185 Cristina_Esteban0186 Cristina_Esteban0187 Cristina_Esteban0188 Cristina_Esteban0189 Cristina_Esteban0190 Cristina_Esteban0191 Cristina_Esteban0192 Cristina_Esteban0193 Cristina_Esteban0194 Cristina_Esteban0195 Cristina_Esteban0196 Cristina_Esteban0197 Cristina_Esteban0198 Cristina_Esteban0199 Cristina_Esteban0200 Cristina_Esteban0201 Cristina_Esteban0202 Cristina_Esteban0203 Cristina_Esteban0204 Cristina_Esteban0205 Cristina_Esteban0206 Cristina_Esteban0207 Cristina_Esteban0208 Cristina_Esteban0209 Cristina_Esteban0210 Cristina_Esteban0211 Cristina_Esteban0212 Cristina_Esteban0213 Cristina_Esteban0214 Cristina_Esteban0215 Cristina_Esteban0216 Cristina_Esteban0217 Cristina_Esteban0218 Cristina_Esteban0219 Cristina_Esteban0220 Cristina_Esteban0221 Cristina_Esteban0222 Cristina_Esteban0223 Cristina_Esteban0224 Cristina_Esteban0225 Cristina_Esteban0226 Cristina_Esteban0227 Cristina_Esteban0228 Cristina_Esteban0229 Cristina_Esteban0230 Cristina_Esteban0231 Cristina_Esteban0232 Cristina_Esteban0233 Cristina_Esteban0234 Cristina_Esteban0235 Cristina_Esteban0236 Cristina_Esteban0237 Cristina_Esteban0238 Cristina_Esteban0239 Cristina_Esteban0240 Cristina_Esteban0241 Cristina_Esteban0242 Cristina_Esteban0243 Cristina_Esteban0244 Cristina_Esteban0245 Cristina_Esteban0246 Cristina_Esteban0247 Cristina_Esteban0248 Cristina_Esteban0249 Cristina_Esteban0250 Cristina_Esteban0251 Cristina_Esteban0252 Cristina_Esteban0253 Cristina_Esteban0254 Cristina_Esteban0255 Cristina_Esteban0256 Cristina_Esteban0257 Cristina_Esteban0258 Cristina_Esteban0259 Cristina_Esteban0260 Cristina_Esteban0261 Cristina_Esteban0262 Cristina_Esteban0263 Cristina_Esteban0264 Cristina_Esteban0265 Cristina_Esteban0266 Cristina_Esteban0267 Cristina_Esteban0268 Cristina_Esteban0269 Cristina_Esteban0270 Cristina_Esteban0271 Cristina_Esteban0272 Cristina_Esteban0273 Cristina_Esteban0274 Cristina_Esteban0275 Cristina_Esteban0276 Cristina_Esteban0277 Cristina_Esteban0278 Cristina_Esteban0279 Cristina_Esteban0280 Cristina_Esteban0281 Cristina_Esteban0282 Cristina_Esteban0283 Cristina_Esteban0284 Cristina_Esteban0285 Cristina_Esteban0286 Cristina_Esteban0287 Cristina_Esteban0288 Cristina_Esteban0289 Cristina_Esteban0290 Cristina_Esteban0291 Cristina_Esteban0292 Cristina_Esteban0293 Cristina_Esteban0294 Cristina_Esteban0295 Cristina_Esteban0296 Cristina_Esteban0297 Cristina_Esteban0298 Cristina_Esteban0299 Cristina_Esteban0300 Cristina_Esteban0301 Cristina_Esteban0302 Cristina_Esteban0303 Cristina_Esteban0304 Cristina_Esteban0305 Cristina_Esteban0306 Cristina_Esteban0307 Cristina_Esteban0308 Cristina_Esteban0309 Cristina_Esteban0310 Cristina_Esteban0311 Cristina_Esteban0312 Cristina_Esteban0313 Cristina_Esteban0314 Cristina_Esteban0315 Cristina_Esteban0316 Cristina_Esteban0317 Cristina_Esteban0318 Cristina_Esteban0319 Cristina_Esteban0320 Cristina_Esteban0321 Cristina_Esteban0322 Cristina_Esteban0323 Cristina_Esteban0324 Cristina_Esteban0325 Cristina_Esteban0326 Cristina_Esteban0327 Cristina_Esteban0328 Cristina_Esteban0329 Cristina_Esteban0330 Cristina_Esteban0331 Cristina_Esteban0332 Cristina_Esteban0333 Cristina_Esteban0334 Cristina_Esteban0335 Cristina_Esteban0336 Cristina_Esteban0337 Cristina_Esteban0338 Cristina_Esteban0339 Cristina_Esteban0340 Cristina_Esteban0341 Cristina_Esteban0342 Cristina_Esteban0343 Cristina_Esteban0344 Cristina_Esteban0345 Cristina_Esteban0346 Cristina_Esteban0347 Cristina_Esteban0348 Cristina_Esteban0349 Cristina_Esteban0350 Cristina_Esteban0351 Cristina_Esteban0352 Cristina_Esteban0353 Cristina_Esteban0354 Cristina_Esteban0355 Cristina_Esteban0356 Cristina_Esteban0357 Cristina_Esteban0358 Cristina_Esteban0359 Cristina_Esteban0360 Cristina_Esteban0361 Cristina_Esteban0362 Cristina_Esteban0363 Cristina_Esteban0364 Cristina_Esteban0365 Cristina_Esteban0366 Cristina_Esteban0367 Cristina_Esteban0368 Cristina_Esteban0369 Cristina_Esteban0370 Cristina_Esteban0371 Cristina_Esteban0372 Cristina_Esteban0373 Cristina_Esteban0374 Cristina_Esteban0375 Cristina_Esteban0376

All images by Lawson Photography

Image Of The Day: Photography By Riccardo

1An almost ethereal quality to today’s Image of the Day by Photography by Riccardo.

I love the composition and backlighting here; a gorgeous image.

“This was taken as the bride was getting ready. I intentionally left the window frame as part of the background so that it in turn, framed the bride. Originally I had the image in colour, but  black and white has given the image a more classic and timeless feel.” – Riccardo

View more of Riccardo’s work on his website, Facebook and Twitter.

Image Of The Day: Jim Wileman


Today’s Image of the Day comes from Jim Wileman; I love the way your eye moves around this image, the frame-within-a-frame effect of the bride through the archway – a great shot!

“This is an image from the wedding of Abby & James, on Dartmoor from last October. Abby was slowly getting ready in a bedroom at her parents house, and I had plenty of time to document her and her family while they prepared for the ceremony. We lucked out with the weather, so this large room was filled with light, and the sun came out for the ceremony and the portraits in the afternoon.” – Jim Wileman

You can see more of Jim’s work on his website, and Twitter.

Elisabeth Millay Photography: Christen & Joseph

Happy to be sharing the elegant photography of Elisabeth Millay with you today, with the fab Philadelphia wedding of Christen and Joseph.

“We are completely in awe looking back at the images from our wedding. Elisabeth and Jonathan captured our day with such a personal, emotional, and laid back approach. We are thrilled to be able to re-live these emotions over and over again. Their work is stylish, timeless and most of all, effortless. We will cherish these photos for the rest of our lives.” – Christen (the bride)

You can see more of Elisabeth’s work on her website, Facebook and Twitter.

0000_ChristenJoseph 0038_ChristenJoseph 0065_ChristenJoseph 0089_ChristenJoseph 0114_ChristenJoseph 0131_ChristenJoseph 0155_ChristenJoseph 0157_ChristenJoseph 0178_ChristenJoseph 0191_ChristenJoseph 0192_ChristenJoseph 0197_ChristenJoseph 0201_ChristenJoseph 0226_ChristenJoseph 0234_ChristenJoseph 0246_ChristenJoseph 0254_ChristenJoseph 0265_ChristenJoseph 0274_ChristenJoseph 0301_ChristenJoseph 0306_ChristenJoseph 0308_ChristenJoseph 0315_ChristenJoseph 0317_ChristenJoseph 0329_ChristenJoseph 0338_ChristenJoseph 0351_ChristenJoseph 0377_ChristenJoseph 0382_ChristenJoseph 0392_ChristenJoseph 0395_ChristenJoseph 0442_ChristenJoseph 0492_ChristenJoseph 0605_ChristenJoseph 0623_ChristenJoseph 0666_ChristenJoseph 0670_ChristenJoseph 0686_ChristenJoseph 0691_ChristenJoseph 0703_ChristenJoseph 0705_ChristenJoseph 0706_ChristenJoseph 0709_ChristenJoseph 0712_ChristenJoseph 0713_ChristenJoseph 0721_ChristenJoseph 0722_ChristenJoseph 0727_ChristenJoseph 0754_ChristenJoseph 0764_ChristenJoseph 0785_ChristenJoseph 0787_ChristenJoseph 0789_ChristenJoseph 0796_ChristenJoseph 0812_ChristenJoseph 0813_ChristenJoseph 0832_ChristenJoseph 0916_ChristenJoseph 0924_ChristenJoseph 0926_ChristenJoseph 0936_ChristenJoseph 0978_ChristenJoseph 0983_ChristenJoseph 0990_ChristenJoseph 0992_ChristenJoseph 1000_ChristenJoseph 1003_ChristenJoseph 1005_ChristenJoseph 1009_ChristenJoseph

All images by Elisabeth Millay Photography

Lauren McGlynn Photography: Laura & John

Very happy to be featuring this lovely wedding by the talented Lauren McGlynn Photography with you all today!

“Laura & John’s wedding was very sweet. It was held in Cumbria on the 8th of September 2012. Laura got ready at her parent’s house there, and then traveled to a lovely little nearby church for the ceremony. The whole day felt very emotional and joyful and I could tell that these two were just so happy to be getting married. They were constantly exchanging little looks with each other as if to say “isn’t this special? Isn’t this lovely?” We were also blessed with gorgeous September weather which added to the warm golden feeling of the day. The reception was held at a nearby venue set against the Cumbrian hills. The speeches were hilarious and moving, the food delicious, and the dancing was a whole lot of fun. I left feeling like one lucky wedding photographer. ” – Lauren McGlynn

You can see more of Lauren’s work on her website, Facebook and Twitter.

Lake-District-Wedding-1 Lake-District-Wedding-2 Lake-District-Wedding-8 Lake-District-Wedding-9 Lake-District-Wedding-15 Lake-District-Wedding-49 Lake-District-Wedding-53 Lake-District-Wedding-54 Lake-District-Wedding-55 Lake-District-Wedding-56 Lake-District-Wedding-59 Lake-District-Wedding-60 Lake-District-Wedding-61 Lake-District-Wedding-68 Lake-District-Wedding-77 Lake-District-Wedding-81 Lake-District-Wedding-85 Lake-District-Wedding-87 Lake-District-Wedding-109 Lake-District-Wedding-132 Lake-District-Wedding-142 Lake-District-Wedding-158 Lake-District-Wedding-206 Lake-District-Wedding-207 Lake-District-Wedding-217 Lake-District-Wedding-220 Lake-District-Wedding-230 Lake-District-Wedding-246 Lake-District-Wedding-268

All images by Lauren McGlynn Photography