Image of the Day: Rob Dodsworth Photography


Today’s image of the day is this fab capture by Norfolk Wedding Photographer, Rob Dodsworth Photography. Love it!

“A relatively simple frame from a mid-Summer wedding that I had the pleasure of photographing last year. But in it’s simplicity, a moment captured that I and I hope many other people can relate to, the nervous wait, just seconds before your brides arrival at your side. So many things rushing through your mind but above all else that nervous excitement about what the future and married life will hold. I got married a few years ago and I can still remember this feeling vividly. This picture, for me at least, is not so much about the nerves but about everything this couple have to look forward to from this moment on.” – Rob Dodsworth

Check out more of Rob’s work on his website, Facebook and Twitter.

Image Of The Day: James Gifford-Mead


A real double-take moment for our featured image today, from the great James Gifford-Mead.

“This is one my favourite frames from a Tooting wedding that I photographed in July. Normally I don’t get the chance to photograph the groom getting ready in the morning so when i heard that Tom’s bride to be Candice was only getting ready five minutes away, I thought I had to pop in briefly to see Tom in the morning. He was getting ready with his twin brother before all Tom’s ushers joined them. With the two brothers being twins the resemblance between the two was uncanny which made it a little bit tricky to guess who was the groom!” – James Gifford-Mead

View more of James’ work on his website, and Twitter.

Image Of The Day: Photography By Riccardo

1An almost ethereal quality to today’s Image of the Day by Photography by Riccardo.

I love the composition and backlighting here; a gorgeous image.

“This was taken as the bride was getting ready. I intentionally left the window frame as part of the background so that it in turn, framed the bride. Originally I had the image in colour, but  black and white has given the image a more classic and timeless feel.” – Riccardo

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Image Of The Day: Jim Wileman


Today’s Image of the Day comes from Jim Wileman; I love the way your eye moves around this image, the frame-within-a-frame effect of the bride through the archway – a great shot!

“This is an image from the wedding of Abby & James, on Dartmoor from last October. Abby was slowly getting ready in a bedroom at her parents house, and I had plenty of time to document her and her family while they prepared for the ceremony. We lucked out with the weather, so this large room was filled with light, and the sun came out for the ceremony and the portraits in the afternoon.” – Jim Wileman

You can see more of Jim’s work on his website, and Twitter.

Image Of The Day: Neale James Wedding Photography

676Oh how this capture makes me smile! Such a great Image of the Day by documentary wedding photographer, Neale James Wedding Photography.

Seeing moment like this; being so aware, and capturing them so creatively – it’s a real art.

“One of the joys of going back and archiving old images is when I come across an image that genuinely makes me smile.

Some people have commented that it took a second look to spot the real subject of this image, drawn slightly as you inevitably are to the bride & groom, although with that second look you instantly feel for the Page Boy and his plight of the ‘heavy present’!

And it’s these little stories, the sub-plots if you like, that in true documentary wedding photography serve to support the more obvious images to create an honest, complete story of a wedding day.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, no; he didn’t drop it.– Neale James

You can see more of Neale’s work on his website, or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Image Of The Day: Andy Gaines


This creative bride and groom portrait by Andy Gaines is our Image of the Day.

I love to see photographers doing something different, and this is an awesome example of that – love it!

“This iphone shot is well, pretty much just that! Jenna & John are both really interesting creatives themselves, and their post-wedding shindig at the crazy La Rosa Hotel in Whitby all just lent itself to quirky portraits…!” – Andy Gaines

You can view more of Andy’s work on his website, or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Image Of The Day: Travers & Brown

travers-676This fantastic capture of pure emotion by Travers & Brown is our Image of the Day today.

Images like this are priceless, and it takes such a skilled photographer to not only capture them outright, but to also do so in a beautifully composed frame – just awesome.

“This shot was taken at Penazance Registry Office where Kinlay and Andy had a very laid back but emotional service with both the bride and groom shedding a tear. Both of Andy’s sons held it together until after the service when their emotions got the better of them.” – Travers & Brown

You can view more of Travers & Brown’s work on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

Image Of The Day: Kevin Mullins

1-676This great, fun capture by Kevin Mullins is our Image of the Day.

To have an eye to get a shot like this is a real talent; love it!

“Mistakenly, some people see “black and white documentary photography” as funereal and sombre so I try and introduce humour as much as possible into my wedding photography.

This shot is one of my favourites from 2012.  I hope the humour is self explanatory but it made me chuckle a little at the time and only when it came to processing the image did I really sit back and appreciate the irony of it all.  I think had the ladies not been sombre in their face, the moment wouldn’t have been as strong.” – Kevin Mullins

You can see more of Kevin’s great wedding photography on his website, Twitter and Facebook.

Image Of The Day: Art By Design

steve-676Today’s Image of the Day is by Art By Design.

I think this is a really striking candid portrait; love the black and white treatment, with the bride’s eyes and earrings really popping out; beautiful image.

“This shot has become one my favorite iconic images. Weddings in the rain have always been tricky as you are trying to capture everything whilst trying to keep yourself and your equipment dry. This shot was taken as the bride ran for the car and jumped in. The car was an old classic with plastic windows so I tried to focus as much as possible on the bride and not the window. I love the light off the earing and the raindrops.” – Steve, Art By Design

You can view more of Art By Design’s work on their website, Twitter and Facebook.

Image Of The Day: Limeleaf Weddings


What a great way to start the week, with this fantastic Image of the Day by Limeleaf Weddings.

I love the way the speaker is framed within a guest’s reaction, and all the faces turned towards her – just an amazing speech capture!

You can view more of Limeleaf’s work on their website, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.