Spare The Details was set up in February 2013 by me, Alan Law, a wedding photographer based in Cornwall. Its goal? To focus on real weddings, real emotions, rather than all the details.

Details have their place, of course, but are they the most important thing at a wedding? Is it the images of table cloths and shoes that you’ll be hanging on your wall, that you’ll be showing your grandchildren in thirty years time? No; it’s the adoring look your Father gives you as you walk down the aisle, the photo of that very first kiss as man and wife, the embarrassed wince of the groom during the best man’s speech.

There are lots of great blogs full of details, so if you’re looking for inspiration for details for your own wedding, then Spare The Details isn’t for you; I recommend heading over to any number of weddings blogs that can serve you better.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for inspiring photography, real emotions and stories captured by the greatest wedding photographers, then you’ve found a good home here.

Are you a people photographer like me? Head over to my submissions page; I’d love to feature your work.